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Flying a Drone in Canada's National Parks

Flying a Drone in Canada’s National Parks

Flying a drone without a park approval may result in law enforcement action and a fine of up to $3,000. Parks Canada may authorize drone usage for special events or for certain non-recreational uses: e.g., natural and cultural resource management, public safety, law enforcement, and...

new rules recreationally flying drones Canada

2017 rules for recreationally flying drones in Canada

Recreational drone use and how dangerous that can be has come under scrutiny the last few years, and Transportation Minister Marc Garneau recently announced new restrictions that went into immediate effect and also pointed out that the federal government is planning to enact more regulations...

UAV Wind Farm Surveying

When it comes to large-scale wind farms, ensuring continuous operation and consistent loads affect cost control and profitability, so methodical maintenance is crucial. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles or UAV wind farm surveying can be deployed to conduct these surveys using fewer resources and generating a more...

wind turbine surveying

UAV Wind-Turbine Surveying

Drones are solving many problems that wind-energy equipment managers have struggled with for years. For example, it often takes several hours for staff technicians to individually climb and inspect each turbine tower. This expensive, time-consuming method usually leads to irregular inspection and maintenance schedules due...