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We are fully insured under a UAV industry specific insurance policy with a coverage of up to $6,250,000 liability.


We operate under a Standing SFOC permit allowing nighttime, daytime and controlled airspace operation.

Trained Pilots

Our pilots are UAV ground school graduates and are required to undergo rigorous internal safety training.

Drone/UAV Experts

UAV Rentals

SkySnap is Canada’s only specialized drone rental service. We offer a comprehensive range of rental drones in Toronto suitable for beginners and professionals. Additionally, SkySnap has the first rent to own drone program, so if you are just looking to see if a drone is a right fit for you, you can rent it and have a discount applied to your purchase.

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Drone Photo & Video

We offer drone photography in Toronto as well as across all regions of Canada. Our drone photography service is specialized for advertising, real estate and surveying. We also offer a comprehensive range of drone videography services in Toronto. Our drone videography service is available as a full production or as an hourly service. We are certified and insured.

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UAV Surveying

SkySnap offers a comprehensive range of UAV aerial surveying options. Our service utilizes drone surveying in Toronto as well as in all regions of Canada to deliver high quality, low cost alternatives to conventional surveying. We offer services to building and construction industries as well as provide commutative services, such as stack volume and elevation analysis.

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Aerial Mapping

We offer a full range of aerial drone mapping services in Canada. Our Toronto based aerial mapping company offers 2D and 3D mapping as well as orthophoto services. Utilizing drones provides and unmatched level of detail, making our service ideal for small area mapping for engineering, construction and mapping applications. Contact us to learn more!

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You can count on SkySnap to deliver a safe, legally compliant and creatively exceptional drone aerial videography in Toronto or any other city in Canada.

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