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SkySnap.ca offers the most cost effective wind farm surveying service that utilizes UAVs to produce actionable HD video and photo footage. The key advantages include: time and cost savings, as the surveying time of a single wind turbine is four times faster than conventional methods; reduced exposure to risk for surveyors; and the ability to survey remote locations.

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UAV Wind Farm Surveying is Cheaper, Safer and Faster than Conventional Methods!

UAV Wind Farm Surveying Solutions in Ontario

Using unmanned but camera-equipped drones or quadcopters to conduct UAV wind farm surveying Canada streamlines the site survey and wind turbine blade inspection process. UAVs can be used to take high-resolution images to generate topographical reports of the site and document any issues. In addition, data gathered by UAVs can be used to generate 3D visualization of the site to determine construction progress, maintenance issues and operational efficiency.

SkySnap conducts wind turbine blade inspection in Ontario. The inspection can be conducted remotely using UAVs, eliminating the risk for operators while generating images taken from a better position for points that may be inaccessible to operators. These inspections can be completed quickly and efficiently because UAV wind farm surveying can cover about 100 hectares in one day.

UAV cameras can be set to stream real time imaging, allowing operators on the ground to adjust the drone position to take images relevant to performing scheduled wind turbine blade inspection Canada. Equipment problems will be detected and diagnosed early, limiting outages and downtime.

When it comes to large-scale wind farms, ensuring continuous operation and consistent loads affect cost control and profitability, so methodical maintenance is crucial. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles or UAV wind farm surveying can be deployed to conduct these surveys using fewer resources and generating a more comprehensive assessment of the site than would otherwise be possible.

Operation and Maintenance Challenges of Wind Farms

The modern wind farm consists of a number of wind turbines in a single location that may stretch over several hundred square miles. In some areas, the land between the turbines is utilized for agriculture. Offshore wind farm sites pose even more surveying challenges. The logistics involved in regular inspections for a massive onshore and offshore site with several turbine units can be complicated without UAV wind farm surveying as an alternative method.

Traditional surveying methods may be inadequate or impractical because preferred wind farm sites are typically in difficult terrain that may be difficult to navigate. Moreover, wind turbine blade inspection is a labor and time-intensive process that is fraught with hazards for operators.

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