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Aerial Thermal Surveying

SkySnap specializes in UAV thermal inspection in Toronto and the rest of Canada. Our Toronto based aerial imaging company utilizes the latest in drone surveying technology to perform various thermal imaging inspections for commercial and residential purposes including, but not limited to, building envelope inspections, building pressure testing, roof inspections, and glass efficiency thermal scanning. Our services extend past the data gathering stage with the ability to perform complex calculations and analyses on the data gathered during the UAV thermal inspection. In Toronto and the rest of Canada, SkySnaps is able to provide high quality services with fully licensed personnel and all necessary permits.

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    We are fully insured under a UAV industry specific insurance policy with a coverage of up to $6,250,000 liability.


    We operate under a Standing SFOC permit allowing nighttime, daytime and controlled airspace operation.

    Trained Pilots

    Our pilots are UAV ground school graduates and are required to undergo rigorous internal safety training.

    Aerial Thermal Surveying Services

    RPAS/UAV aerial thermal surveying is used to collect important data relating to the heat profile of a structure. This type of surveying helps to determine any insulation gaps or moisture leaks as well as other issues. The use of RPAS/UAV as well as thermal technology allows for a much higher level of detail than what is available with conventional methods. SkySnaps utilizes the latest drone technology available to perform a UAV thermal inspection in Canada.

    Building Envelope Inspection

    The most comprehensive way to identify any moisture penetration issues within a structure is using a drone thermal inspection. Our Toronto based company utilizes the latest innovations in the PRAS/UAV surveying industry to provide our clients with highly detailed and accurate reports.

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    Building Pressure Testing

    SkySnaps is able to identify air leakage, insulation gaps, and moisture issues in a building using drone thermal inspection in any Canada location. Thermal imaging is the optimal way to find underlying issues with commercial or residential structures. Our team is mobile and can reach the most remote destinations.

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    Roof Thermal Inspection

    SkySnap is equipped with the latest in drone technology to perform a UAV thermal inspection in Toronto or any other region of Canada. Thermal imaging is a proven and reliable way of locating leaks or trapped moisture in flat roofs, which can be caused by ineffective sealing, tears, or deterioration over time.

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    Glass Thermal Efficiency

    Our specialized thermal imaging equipment allows us to determine the efficiency of glass fixtures in residential or commercial structures. A UAV thermal inspection in Toronto is the optimal way to check for thermal inefficiencies in glass installations that could cause significant heat loss in colder weather.

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    Commercial Inspection

    Our Toronto based company utilizes a range of multi-rotor drones as well as fixed wing UAV surveying drones to perform any surveying challenge. Our fleet of remote piloted aerial system equipped with the latest in drone surveying technology allows us to complete a range of aerial surveying operations at scale.

    Residential Inspection

    SkySnap’s residential thermal inspection services provide an effective, safe, and non-disruptive solution for detecting thermal issues like moisture leaks or insulation problems. We utilize the latest in UAV technology and are equipped to perform any kind of drone thermal inspection in Toronto or other regions of Canada.

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