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Thermal and Visual Roof Inspection

SkySnap uses a wide range of cutting-edge UAV/RPAS equipment to offer clients only the highest quality in drone roof inspection. Our Toronto based company employs only trained and licensed personnel, adheres to all laws and regulations, and is able to perform visual or thermal drone roof inspection service for commercial or residential structures using at scale, or non-intrusive methods depending on the requirements. Our specialized services, including, but not limited to the UAV thermal roof inspection, are available across Canada.

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    Thermal Inspection

    SkySnap uses industry-leading thermal imaging technology and is able to provide top-of-the-line UAV thermal roof inspection across all of Canada for residential or commercial applications. The use of thermal imaging makes it easy to spot moisture leaks, insulation gaps, or other problematic roof-surface issues.

    Visual Inspection

    Our company uses a wide-array of top-of-the-line UAV/RPAS equipment and technology for drone roof inspection service purposes. A drone inspection can easily spot roof-surface damage, moisture accumulation, among other issues. SkySnap’s UAV roof inspection service is available across all of Canada.

    Drainage Issues

    Moisture buildup can be cause by drainage blockages, which will eventually lead to leaks, causing considerable damage to any property. This can be avoided simply by performing a regular drone roof inspection. Our Toronto based company is equipped to perform a thorough drone roof inspection in Toronto or other regions of Canada.

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