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Events & Lifestyle Aerial Photography

SkySnap is a top tier supplier of events aerial photography for Toronto and all of Canada. We use the most advanced technology to capture stunning high definition photos and videos of any events that need aerial photography in Canada. Those special moments need to be documented with the most trusted technology in existence, and SkySnap is always searching for the next innovation. We offer our events drone photography services throughout Ontario and all of Canada as well. No location is too remote for our dedicated crew. We can capture amazing photos and videos of your wedding, family reunion, sporting event, birthday party, or any other outdoor event. Lifestyle aerial photography from Toronto, like the services provided by SkySnap, create memories that last a lifetime.

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    We are fully insured under a UAV industry specific insurance policy with a coverage of up to $6,250,000 liability.


    We operate under a Standing SFOC permit allowing nighttime, daytime and controlled airspace operation.

    Trained Pilots

    Our pilots are UAV ground school graduates and are required to undergo rigorous internal safety training.

    Sporting Events

    Sporting events benefit can from from our Toronto based aerial photography service unlike any other event. Sports enthusiasts love aerial perspectives, and we can now offer soaring aerial views that aren't limited to professional sports. Many sporting events need UAV photography in Ontario to provide the same level of attraction supplied by professional league sports. Our experienced team can reach any sporting event in Canada.

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    Some of the most popular events that need aerial photography from Toronto, like the professionals at SkySnap, are outdoor weddings. We strive to offer our customers the most professional events drone photography in Ontario, and the views we can reach will remain a steadfast reminder of the most important day of your life. Our drones are able to hover silently above any function and focus on the scene as it unfolds below, free from interruptions.

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    At SkySnap, we try our hardest to make our events UAV photography in Ontario, and the rest of Canada as well, as safe as we possibly can. We use only the most advanced technology, and we strictly follow all legal guidelines set in place by Transport Canada and all other authorities. We never start a job unless we've obtained all the necessary permits. We want our lifestyle aerial photography based in Toronto to be secure.

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