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Aerial Photo, Video, Surveying & Mapping

SkySnap offers a full range of aerial photography, videography, mapping and surveying services. Our company is uniquely structured, in combination to our services we offer equipment rental, maintenance packages and training. We are horizontally and vertically integrated enabling us to offer a truly balance of price and quality for aerial photography services in Toronto as well as in all regions of Canada. Our Toronto based drone aerial photography service is owned by a marketing firm, enabling us to enjoy enormous economies of scale on post processing service, again contributing to our superior value offering. Furthermore, our internal processes are focused on three areas: superior quality, excellent customer service and uncompromising safety standards. Our company is fully certified and insure, our operators are fully trained and licensed (UAV training and licensed pilots). Trust SkySnap to deliver a superior quality of service and to consistently exceed all expectations.

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Aerial Photo & Video

Photography & Videography

We offer a full range of aerial photography and videography services across Canada utilizing cutting edge drone (UAV) systems.

Aerial Photo & Video

Drone Real Estate Photography

Photo and video services for commercial and residential real estate, including elevation photography and 360 aerial Panoramas.

Aerial Photo & Video

Commercial Advertising

We offer complete productions as well as footage that can be used in your commercial. Call us to go over your campaign in detail.

Construction & Engineering

Aerial Surveying

A full range of surveying and inspection options for farms, solar panel arrays and wind farms. We also offer stockpile analysis and thermal.

Construction & Engineering

Aerial Mapping

Drone mapping services including: orthophoto, geo referencing, 3d mapping, thermal mapping and digital elevation/surface model mapping.

Construction & Engineering


Aerial development photo services: progress tracking and development mapping, 360 panoramas and pre-construction images/video.

Other Services

Events Photography

We offer a full range of photo and video services for special events and sporting events including, sports and auto races.

Other Services

Design & Creative

Full range of creative services that can take the photo and video that we produce and turn it into web and print presentations.

Other Services

UAV Maintenance & Repair

Comprehensive maintenance and repair plans for commercial clients. Our plans are focused on safety and downtime minimization.


Our Commitment to Safety and Legal Compliance

Above all else, SkySnap is committed to providing a safe and legally compliant service. UAV operations are regulated by Transport Canada as well as other governing bodies in Canada. It is crucial to operate within the frame work set forth by the government regulatory bodies in order to provide a safe and compliant service, which is why all of our operators go through UAV ground school. Furthermore, UAVs are considered to be operating in airspace regardless of their size, which is why if we are doing a project within restricted airspace we always obtain all necessary permits and approvals prior to the project execution and communicate with air traffic control if necessary. Additionally, we will never take on a project that we feel can be dangerous to the public or participants. You can trust SkySnap to provide a safe and compliant Drone/UAV aerial service in Canada.