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High Risers Aerial Photography

Commercial real estate, like properties commonly referred to as high risers, are in need of innovative ways to advertise. That is where SkySnap comes in, a high risers aerial photography company based in Toronto. We strive to provide our clients with the very best in aerial photography, and our ability to provide top quality high risers aerial photography extends throughout Ontario and all of Canada. Our services include photography, videography, surveying, and much more. We can create stunning video showcases, provide photographic updates during the construction process, and reach vantage points that other photography services can only imagine. Real estate aerial photography in Ontario and the rest of Canada will never be the same again thanks to professional aerial photography providers like SkySnap.

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    We are fully insured under a UAV industry specific insurance policy with a coverage of up to $6,250,000 liability.


    We operate under a Standing SFOC permit allowing nighttime, daytime and controlled airspace operation.

    Trained Pilots

    Our pilots are UAV ground school graduates and are required to undergo rigorous internal safety training.

    Video Showcases

    Many real estate agents are attracted to the idea of high risers aerial photography for their Toronto properties, primarily due to the unique perspectives achievable with a proper unmanned aerial vehicle, or UAV. Real estate aerial photography services in Ontario and throughout Canada, like those offered by SkySnap, produce staggering video showcases in crisp high definition. Most video showcases run approximately 90 seconds, giving the perfect opportunity to illustrate the best views of a property.

    Pre-Construction Views

    High risers experience some of the most complex construction processes of any structures, so high risers are the best real estate to employ aerial photography in Toronto, or anywhere in Canada. Drones are able to capture the entire construction process as it unfolds, supplying potential clients with a firsthand view of their investment forming. SkySnap is a trusted provider of high risers aerial photography based in Toronto, but our services can reach all of Canada. Contact us for an estimate today!

    Multiple Vantage Points

    When taking advantage of high risers aerial photography in Ontario or anywhere in Canada, it is important to ensure you receive multiple perspectives. Drones are uniquely capable of reaching heights that other photographers can only imagine, but they can also find a wide range of vantage points from those high altitudes. High risers need real estate aerial photography in Toronto, since companies like SkySnap offer vantages that can not be duplicated with standard photography measures.

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