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Aerial Surveying

SkySnap offers a complete range of aerial surveying options in Ontario as well as all regions of Canada. Our Toronto aerial surveying company utilizes the latest in drone surveying technology to provide a wide array of services including but not limited to: solar panel array surveying, wind farm surveying, aerial inspection, thermal photography and volume analysis. We utilize a range of multi-rotors as well as fixed wing UAV surveying drones at our Toronto based company to perform any surveying challenge. Our service extends past the data gathering stage with the ability to perform complex calculations and analyses. For example, we can perform cut/fill quantity analysis for mining applications as well as perform volume difference analysis. UAV/Drone aerial surveying allows for a much higher level of detail than conventional manned craft methods as we are able to safely operate at much lower altitudes. Although our aerial surveying companies is based in Toronto, we offer services throughout Ontario as well as in all regions of Canada. Drone surveying is a cost effective, safe and readily available alternative to conventional surveying methods.

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Solar Panel Surveying

Aerial solar panel surveying offers a viable alternative to conventional surveying methods. Our company offers regularly schedule solar field surveying options to customers in Ontario as well as other regions of Canada. Utilizing drones for solar field surveying allows us to get closer and produce extremely detailed images.

Wind Farm Surveying

Our Drone/UAV wind farm surveying service offers a safer and more detailed alternative to conventional methods. Traditional wind farm surveying is either done by physically climbing the turbines or taking photos from the ground; the first presents risks while the other leaves dead spots. Drone surveying is optimal.

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Farm Surveying

SkySnap offers a comprehensive range of surveying options for farm lands. Our service can be contracted regularly throughout the season to perform crops, elevations, and other types of analysis. We are aware of the challenges that face small farms and have designed our pricing and service to be an ideal value proposition.

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Aerial Inspection

Our Toronto drone aerial inspection service is available in all regions of Canada. Our team is mobile and can reach the most remote destinations. We offer a broad range of services utilizing the latest innovations in the UAV surveying industry to produce accurate materials for engineering, construction and farming industries.

Thermal Aerial Photography

Aerial thermal imaging has a wide array of applications from surveying to emergency response. Our company utilizes two primary types of drones, drones equipped with a thermal camera and drones utilizing a combinational high quality DSLR and thermal camera. Additionally, we can meld thermal and convectional images.

Volume Analysis

SkySnap offers a wide range of aerial volume analysis options. We can preform volume analysis based on photographic data driven from 2D models using specialized software applications or use 3D derived from point-cloud and mesh models. Our service includes stockpile volume analysis and cut/fill quantity analysis.

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SkySnap continuously learning, adopting and creating new technologies, which is critical in the rapidly evolving UAV industry.

SkySnap's management and its operators have extensive knowledge of the legal regulations in the industry. We always obtain all of the necessary permits for each job, be it from Transport Canada or ATC.

SkySnap's approach to safety is uncompromising. Safety procedure planning comes first, and the entire project is built to accommodate it.