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Certified & Insured

Aerial Photography Service

We offer a comprehensive range of aerial photography services utilizing a range of cutting edge drones. Our drone aerial photography Toronto service specializes in surveying and commercial photography. Additionally, we offer special application photography such as aerial panoramas, 360-degree photography, infra-red and thermal photography. Furthermore, in addition to offering drone aerial photography in Toronto we offer our services Canada wide. Therefore, if you are interested in drone aerial photography by our Toronto company and you are located in a difference province, it will not be an issue.

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Diverse Set of Services

We work with a wide range of industries offering UAV real estate aerial photography in Toronto, engineering and surveying photography, wind farm surveying and more. Our professional aerial photography Toronto based company is available to serve all regions of Canada for all types UAV projects. What ever your project needs, we can do it.

What Sets Our Company Apart

SkySnap is uniquely structured, our rental division enables us to supply our staff with a wider array of equipment than would normally be available to a Toronto aerial photography services. Owning our own highly specialized equipment enables us to provide a wide range of service at extremely competitive pricing. Contact us for aerial photography Ontario.

Commitment to Excellence

SkySnap is a Toronto Aerial Photography Company that is founded on principals of safety, highest quality of service and customer satisfaction. With UAVs operations, negligence can have dire consequences, which is why our company has developed extensive safety operations procedures that are implemented for all of our aerial photography across Canada.

Fully Certified & Insured

SkySnap and its operators are fully certified and insured. We operate within full compliance of the regulations governing UAV operations set forth by Transport Canada. Every project that we take on is either covered by a standing Special Flights Operations Certificate (SFOC) or separately filed for. We obtain all necessary permits for each job.

Cutting Edge Equipment

SkySnap regularly rotates its drone/UAV inventory to only utilize the latest technologies. The rapidly evolving drone photography industry is ripe with innovations, which bring significant improvements to both quality and efficiency. Our inventory is regularly updated and professionally maintained before and after each flight. Due to our large selection of drones we always have the right tool for the job.

Skilled Operators

Our operators balance two critical skillsets: piloting and photography. Drone operators must above all else operate safely, which is why all of our operators go through professional training. However, mere ability to fly a drone does not teach you photography techniques such as composition, which is why our operators have extensive experience in both categories prior to starting with us.

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What our clients say about us

SkySnap continuously learning, adopting and creating new technologies, which is critical in the rapidly evolving UAV industry.

SkySnap's management and its operators have extensive knowledge of the legal regulations in the industry. We always obtain all of the necessary permits for each job, be it from Transport Canada or ATC.

SkySnap's approach to safety is uncompromising. Safety procedure planning comes first, and the entire project is built to accommodate it.